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Neruda Arts is very excited to be premiering the work of the Alapinta muralist collective as part of Kultrún. Members of Alapinta will be involved in some amazing projects while they are visiting KW. They will create a mural on an inside wall at the entrance to The Courtyard Studio in the Bonnie Stuart Workshops - where Neruda Arts is based and they will paint an outdoor mural in Downtown Kitchener. Members of Alapinta will also lead an interactive workshop that will allow participants to learn first hand how they create their amazing murals! Stay tuned for more information about  Alapinta's residence with Neruda Arts.

Chilean-Canadian producer and filmmaker Rodrigo Ardiles, will preview his work-in-progress documentary about Alapinta during a performance by H'sao that includes a stop-motion animation of the collective creating one of their epic murals. Ardiles’ film is a presentation of Araucanía Digital- a Transmedia platform that aims to facilitate, encourage and promote the enrichment of the cultural, artistic and memorial heritage of the native cultures present in WallMapu, also known today as the Araucanía region of Chile.
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The Alapinta muralist collective has been creating public art since 2004. Founding members Aner, Cezo, Gvz and Maher draw inspiration from the history, culture and current issues faced by the Mapuche communities in Villarrica and Temuco in the Araucanía region of southern Chile where they grew up and where the collective is based. Members combine skills in visual art, graphic design, graffiti and mural painting to breathe life into new forms of urban expression.

Frequent themes in their murals are the environment, the significance of the organic diversity that characterizes the region, and its relationship to the lives, culture and history of First Nations Maphuche communities. Within these compositions, Mapuche people are intimately connected to the landscape, animals, seasons and symbols that animate their culture. Multicolored hues proclaim the influence of the native peoples of Latin America and affirm an identity, vision and way of seeing the world.

To create their murals, Alapinta use a technique known as, mecanotecnisista, which combines the best of graffiti art with more traditional painterly effects emphasizing colour, light, shadow and form. Their dramatic murals tell epic stories in colours that radiate vitality.

Members of Alapinta are very skilled at designing murals that use the shape, size and location of the public buildings and roadways they are commissioned to paint, to create the greatest impact.

Alapinta has received commissions to paint murals for schools, hospitals, municipalities, public markets and museums. In 2011 members were invited to France to take part in a Festival of Chilean Painters. Between 20010 and 2012 Alapinta was invited to participate in international muralist festivals in both Bolivia and Argentina.

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