Joel Maripil

Joel Maripil

Mapuche singer-songwriter blends traditional instruments & Mapudungun language with contemporary influences

Singer-songwriter and musician, Joel Maripil has been nominated Best International Indigenous Artist of 2013 by the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards for his album Akun Awkin

Joel Maripil is an indigenous Mapuche from Chile and a Werken – a cultural elder for the Kechukawin community. Joel is also the Musical Director of the Children’s Orchestra of the Mapuche town of Tirua (Orquesta Infantil Mapuche de Tirua).

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Joel Maripil will be joined on stage by Chilean musician and composer, Patricio Chico, who will provide acoustic and electronic accompaniment for his traditional music.

Patricio Chico is a music producer, film composer and Director at the Gejman Music Academy and Studio in Temuco, Chile. He is also member of TRAC (Audio Visual Guild of the Araucania Region) and collaborator in the development of the Araucania Film Commission.

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