Four voices. One vision. Infinite possibilities

Hauntingly beautiful vocals moving in tight harmony or intertwining in a whirling tempo, Kongero draws traditional Swedish music from out of the past and into the present.

The four women who make up Kongero, Lotta Andersson, Anna Wikenius, Lovisa Liljeberg, and Emma Bjorling share a love of traditional Swedish music and all have degrees from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The four women collaborated after meeting at a Nordic folk music conference where they discovered the beauty and harmony of their combined voices. Since forming in 2005, Kongero has become one of Sweden’s leading vocal groups playing at major folk music festivals, in historic concert halls and churches and soon to release their third album.

Like nothing you’ve heard before, Kongero’s dramatic medieval ballads, spirited dance numbers, moving love songs, and witty ditties evoke the soundtrack of such mythic fictions as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. Kongero are renowned in Sweden for breathing new life into traditional music and the warmth, energy and humour of their performances.

Their music is characterized by tight harmonies, inciting rhythms and the clarity of their beautiful voices. With confidence, technical skill, irresistible playfulness and brilliant arrangements, they create a unique sound that brings the traditional music from past to present. “Four voices. One vision. Infinite possibilities.” 

Kongero's first album Om Mikaelidagen, was released in 2008 just in time for their performance at the international a cappella festival, The Real Festival. The record has received excellent reviews in Swedish music magazines and newspapers and has also reached a broad audience in Sweden and in countries such as Norway, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Israel and the USA.  Their second CD was released October 2011.

“This group is a revelation… pristine, flawless arrangements… a stunning example of the marriage between tradition and innovation… deserves to be heard far and wide."

Jeff Meshel, Music journalist