Nii Addico

Nii Addico

Drumming is life!

Nii Addico has been playing the drums almost as long as he’s been alive. Nii’s grandfather began teaching him to drum once he had learned to walk and the memory of his grandfather’s drumming forms the soundtrack of his early life in Ghana and experiences such as the ceremonies and rituals conducted by his great aunt who was a fetish priestess. As a young adult, Nii studied under the internationally renowned master drummer, Oko, at his school in Kokorobitey, where Nii also began making and selling drums.

Since arriving in Canada in 2005, Nii has become passionate about sharing his love of African culture and African drumming with people of all ages in schools, at corporate events, in his drum classes and at community drum circles. Nii also carves extraordinarily beautiful African masks. 

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