Patricio Chico

Patricio Chico

Chilean Musician & Composer

Patricio Chico Patricio Chico is a music producer, film composer and Director at the Gejman Music Academy and Studio in Temuco, Chile. He is also member of TRAC (Audio Visual Guild of the Araucania Region) and collaborator in the development of the Araucania Film Commission.

Patricio has dedicated his career to composing music for documentaries, short films and TV series. His music is featured in the award winning documentaries Aniceto: Reason of State and Tukulpazugun, the short film Toto, the television series The Creation of the Mapuche World and the TV and web show, Academic Studio or AS Sessions.

Patricio also has an active solo career as a musician, recording the albums Kay-Kay & Txeg-Txeg, and Mongelen. He has also collaborated on recordings with various Chilean artists.

Patricio is also the director at the Gejman Music Studio Academy, which trains young musicians for careers in recording and musical production. He is also co-founder of the Patagonia Lab Company, a business that is dedicated to technological entrepreneurship.

Patricio recently developed a corporate ID and composed an entire programming schedule for the station, TV Chile of the Autonomous University of Chile. He also created the soundtrack for a national and international campaign to promote the Chilean Tourism Board of the Araucanía region, SERNATUR.

Patricio has a degree in Management and Television Production and has taught both music and production courses at the School of Communication Studies at the Universidad Mayor. He is currently the coordinator of the Graduate Music Technology program at the Technical Training Center, Teodoro Wickel.




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