Trash Theatre

Trash Theatre

Eco-Arts & Crafts with Kids!

Let your imagination soar when LatinFest launches with a Children’s Parade on July 12th at 4pm. Don't have anything to wear to the parade? No problem.

Free Costume-Making Workshop on July 5th Prepares Kids for LatinFest Parade!!

All ages are invited to a costume / instrument making workshop hosted by Crystal Bradford and Liam Kijewski of Trash Theatre on Friday, July 5th. The workshop will take place from 5-8pm at the Button Factory as part of their Artist Alley activities. Try different mediums and help make your own or group 3-D creations!! Look your festive best for the LatinFest parade on Friday July 12!!

Trash Theatre offers interactive, eco-arts programming using science, the natural world and arts to make learning meaningful. Crystal Bradford and Liam Kijewski are passionate about the natural environment, youth and community, and enjoy engaging minds in the use of recycled mediums in their work. The duo co-own both Trash Theatre and Wildlife Gardening, a restoration, landscaping and native plant business.

They are also the force behind the annual Earth Day, KW Procession of the Species Parade and Celebration. To inquire about volunteer opportunities or to check out what we do visit,,, 519-467-0593

Crystal Bradford

Crystal Bradford and her partner Liam Kijewski own ‘Wildlife Gardening’ a landscaping, restoration and native plant nursery. Crystal is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and passionate about the natural environment, youth and community. Crystal enjoys engaging others in the use of recycled materials to create works of art.

Liam Kijewski

Working as an eco-arts instructor with WCAC, Liam co-ordinates the K-W Procession of the Species Celebration with partner, Crystal Bradford. Graduate of OIART, Liam is also a musician, playing bass, drums and rapping in several different groups in the Region.