BE (Belonging and Empowering Artist Program)

BE (Belonging and Empowering Artist Program)

Apr 14 2011 (All day) to Jun 16 2011 (All day)


Our newest program, BE, is focused on finding ways to better suport and dignify the work of artist, by providing the resources and tools neeeded to succeed in their chosen artistic fields.

This 10 week program will prepare artists, especially those new to canada - we will prepare them with specific tools that will give them improved access to becoming a professional artist, including: marketing andpromotion, grant writing, new media, portafolio, music recording and much more. This training will be provided by professional astisr-mentors living and working in the community.

The graduating artist will benefit from a large culminating event in which the community will witness their developing talent. BE participants will be joined in performance by a successful artist currenly working in the idustry.