CAZU Latin Band

CAZU Latin Band

Sep 24 2011 - 8:00pm to Sep 25 2011 - 12:30am
Chrysalids Theatre
137 Ontario St N, Kitchener
Tickets are $10 dollars can be purchased at the door.

"Show the World" Concert Series
Show the World 'IMPACT'

**Note** Preshow starts at 8pm and CAZU starts around 10:30pm.

The ten-year anniversary concert series will present diverse programming from minority communities, representing the richness of the New Canadian experience, with a range of forms of art, languages, and innovation from emerging artists.  Neruda Productions is dedicated to support innovative New Canadian artists both through our programming, but also beyond, by coordinating professional development for New Canadian artists and finding networking opportunities.

CAZU (pronounce KAZOO) Latin Band was formed in September 2009 in Kitchener, Ontario Canada with only 4 members. Now we are a Latin band with 10 members from the cities of Cambridge, Waterloo and Guelph.

We use influences from all genres of music; Classical, Rock, Brass bands, Jazz, Tropical Latin bands and music from the Andes to name a few.

Collectively we bring to the stage over 50 years of musical performance experience and as a band, we create a mixture of music and cultures that is a constant reminder of the international language of music, using our individual styles to create a unique fusion of sound.

Did you know that…

The word CAZU was actually compiled from our formal longer name in Spanish CANDELA & AZUCAR (which translated to English means CANDLE & SUGAR). The CA was extracted from CANDELA and the ZU from AZUCAR.  Thus, CAZU was formed which is a much easier word to remember and pronounce, especially for English speaking people.


About the Venue

CHRYSALIDS THEATRE - The newest cinema and performance arts space in Waterloo Region. Formerly the Hyland Cinema and the Gig Theatre, the Chrysalids will be host to the latest and most exciting film, music and other events around. Follow Chrysalids on Twitter @ChrysTheatre

137 Ontario Street North

Kitchener, ON N2H 3W5
Phone 519 635 6257