Youth4Youth will feature champion DJs and cool Diva

Youth4Youth will feature champion DJs and cool Diva

BE Youth Presents:
Youth4Youth featuring DJ Vekked and D Eve Archer

Graduates of Neruda Productions’ BE Youth program invite you and your friends to attend their end of term event on Friday March 8th from 8pm-10pm at The Courtyard at the Bonnie Stuart, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener.

Watch and learn as BE Youth workshop with DMC World DJ Champion Jake Meyer, aka DJ Vekked, Sound Studies Professor, Dr and DJ, Garth Rennie and listen to live music from local piano diva, D Eve Archer!

Light refreshments will be provided. This is a free event but if you care to make a donation you will be helping a group of Ugandan youth musicians coming to Waterloo in May raise funds for their community. Youth 4 Youth!!

A little about the artists:

Jake Meyer, aka DJ Vekked grew up in Waterloo and is now a philosophy student at Wilfrid Laurier University. In 2012 Vekked was made Canadian National DMC Champion in Hamilton and also won awards at the 2012 DMC World DJ Championships in London UK and in Poland. Vekked may be known as a DJ but he identifies more as a turntalbist – someone who makes their own music by scratching and mixing sounds.

Dr Garth Rennie is a communications scholar who specializes in sound studies and non-verbal communication. Garth DJed in London, UK while doing his PhD and now teaches at University of Windsor and Wilfrid Laurier University.