Canada Day at Homewood Suites Waterloo

Canada Day at Homewood Suites Waterloo

Jul 1 2017 - 10:00am

Neruda Arts takes part in this Free Canada Day Event at Homewood Suites Waterloo St Jacobs


Homewood Suites Waterloo St Jacobs 45 Benjamin rd, Waterloo, ON

 July 01, 2017 at 9:00AM - 2:00PM

Join us at Homewood Suites by Hilton Waterloo St Jacobs for a FREE community event celebrating Canada 150.

FREE Food, FREE Entertainment, FREE Games, FACEPAINTING, Vendors, LIVE Music and MUCH MORE! We will have vendors representing our Region's attractions, and Community Organizations.

Come meet LEWIS THE DUCK our Homewood Suites Brand Mascot! He will be handing out some fun treats for children!

Neruda Arts presents some of the most exciting local artists:

10 - 10:45 am : Jojo Worthington (Experimental ukulele loops)

11-12 pm : Richard Garvey (Acoustic folk)

12:15 - 1 pm : Janice Jo Lee (soul-folk)

1-2 pm : Jason & Gerima (reggae/roots)



A soft tour-de-force, her vocalizations, ingenuity with looping techniques, and completely refreshing take on the often blasé instrument, the ukulele, is pushing this experimental-folk musician to create some of the most forward-thinking music of her generation. JoJo Worthington is a Canadian artist hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, creating soundscapes wherever she goes.

With haunting choral loops, orchestral ukulele riffs, and striking spacey vocals, JoJo draws the onlookers in, slowly and with complete control. With a nod to influences of the present, St. Vincent, Grimes, Alt-J, S. Carey, and others, she finds a beautiful, swelling sound completely her own; a rare find in a sea of ukulele-based music.


Richard Garvey -

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer from Kitchener. His award winning songs explore the highs and lows of love, injustice, and the marbled mess of the human condition. Whether he’s playing to a living room or an amphitheatre, Richard brings clever songs and a sly sense of humour to inspire solidarity, hope, and change.  If you’re looking for the latest incarnation of world-changing, foot-stomping, and heart-filling folk music, see Richard Garvey.


Janice Jo Lee -

Janice Jo Lee is a Korean-Canadian, folk-roots musician, poet, and theatre artist from Kitchener, Haldimand Treaty territory. Lee is a powerful vocalist who creates soundscapes and songs using her voice, guitar, trumpet and looping pedal. She is a hard femme queer radical known for being disarmingly hilarious, off-the-cuff and fearlessly honest on stage. Lee’s new album Sing Hey is a vocal and acoustic showcase with songs themed on feminism, poverty, and friendship. She has toured across Canada as a solo act and facilitated over one hundred workshops on storytelling, songwriting and activism.


In 2015 Lee was the City of Kitchener’s Artist in Residence, received the Oktoberfest Woman of the Year Award in Arts and Culture, and received an Ontario Women’s Directorate Leading Women, Building Communities Award. Currently she is is recording her third studio album and writing her one-woman spoken word musical comedy called Janice Lee and the White Supremacy Smackdown. A documusical about her journey titled The Legend of Sing Hey, directed by Becca Redden is set to release in Spring 2017



 With every shift comes the ripple, and when J’s Reggae-and-Folk-infused soulful vibe washes over you, you can feel a call for change in the musical tide. Now when you think of a Changemaker, you might not be expecting the gently-smiling soft-spoken J, you might be expecting a militant firebrand. However, J has found his own way of making waves.

 Just as every shift causes ripples, with every ripple comes the shift, and J, also known as ‘Jsun’ has taken time to learn the turning of the world according to these tides. When he emerged from the Toronto scene, he was more of the militant firebrand you would have expected - and J still has an appreciation and a place for his ‘Songs of Past’ that shaped his early shift away from the superficial glitz and glamour of a blossoming modeling and acting career. The songs focused on “real talk and raw honesty about social and cultural injustice,” says Jsun. “…..ultimately, they were messages of unity…..”

 Through exploring nature within and around, like the mystics of old, realizations manifested through journeying with the shifts and ripples of nature’s rhythm. The collection of songs entitled ‘Outback’ chronicles travels through South Africa, Barbados, Indonesia, Australia, South America and Hawaii. Jsun became internationally influenced, and educated to the experiences of aboriginals the world over. The ripples of world travel causing another shift. This time towards a reconnection to nature through music and meditation “Our nature’s song is medicine for the mind” says J. “When I’m connecting with this energy, it feels like that’s what I’m here to do. It guides the flow of everything else“. The music became influenced by his encounters with the luminosity and divine beauty of the natural world.

 The waves eventually brought him to the South-Western Ontario where he settled into a new rhythm and began connecting with community musically, socially, and spiritually. Having had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Sam Gilly from Burning Spear and the legendary Errol Blackwood, as well being a part of Xavier Rudd’s latest album ‘Spirit Bird’, J’s sense of himself as an artist and as a messenger of reconciliation with nature grew. Thus emerged the ‘J’ album; a mixture of both solo and collaborative flows that typify his intuitive approach to the art. Next, Jsun connected with other local musicians as to create the five-song EP, ‘Irie’ that was released in 2013.

 The firebrand had transformed into the Changemaker - all of the ripples, all of the shifts are now a part of a natural frequency that J captures effortlessly and passionately in his music - his entire journey reflected in his rhythm and verse. We are invited to tune into nature’s channel collectively; synchronizing with the luminosity and beauty of the natural world. It is J’s hope that we will all rise up in harmony, as individuals and as a collective, in a way that promotes inner and outer peace, stability and balance. "As we nourish our nature, our nature nourishes us," says J. "May we continue to inspire each other. May we rise each day simply knowing and being our purpose; each day is a gift, live it fully and feel it lift."