Common Ground, an Earth Day Event

Common Ground, an Earth Day Event

Apr 22 2017 - 12:00pm
Seven Shores
10 Regina St N, Waterloo

Free Event!!!


Earth day 2017 will be celebrated by Neruda Arts, Seven Shores Café, Torchlight Tattoo and Fearless Heart Yoga, in their first collaborative project “Common Ground”.  Each of the four businesses will offer free events through the day to engage businesses, families and individuals.  Activities and presentations are intended to bring awareness to environmental and cultural issues currently affecting our community and the world.  The content of art works, guest lectures and classes, performances and even food will focus on positive, cooperative solutions to such issues.


The day will begin at 12:30 pm with an opening ceremony, followed by a yoga class at Fearless Heart Yoga at 1:30 pm.  An outdoor performance by Suubi, a youth drum and dance group from Uganda, will take place at 3pm.   Local theatre group Trash Theatre will host a workshop at 4 pm, followed by an interactive parade of costumes fabricated from repurposed materials.  A second performance of the dance and drum group at 5 pm will offer late comers an opportunity to see the musical performance, while Seven Shores Café offers up a delicious meal of locally sourced ingredients from 4pm - 6pm. 


Torchlight Tattoo will be opening a group art exhibition entitled “Everyday Acts of Great Resistance”.  The show will feature the work of six artists/makers including a wildlife photographer, a charcoal artist, a ceramic sculptor, a fibre artist, a mixed media artist, and a maker of fine beaded jewellery and traditional Indigenous craft.  The studio will be open all day for people to come and go and there will be a reception with the artists from 6pm-8pm, all are welcome.


Various vendors, educators and speakers will be invited to participate in a diverse street fair of tents and booths.  Vendors are welcome to promote and sell products or services that align with the vision for the event.  We are seeking organic farmers, bee keepers, clothing makers, craftspeople, environmental advocates, etc. to contribute to this aspect of the day.


We are forming a strong relationship of cooperation and mutual creative support for each other at 8/10 Regina Street and are all looking forward to celebrating a truly important day together.  In these unstable times of political and environmental change it is critical to establish a sense of solidarity and hope in our communities.  These efforts here in Kitchener-Waterloo, and around the world, will be imperative in creating a sustainable future.