Day Of The Dead FREE Festivities

Day Of The Dead FREE Festivities

Day Of The Dead ~ All Saints Day ~ Dia de los Muertos
Nov 1 2014 - 9:00pm
Day Of The Dead Venue Downtown
157 King St. West, Kitchener

DAY OF THE DEAD ~ All Saints Day ~ Dia de los Muertos

In partnership with Alternatives Journal’s Night/Shift Festival, Neruda Arts presents a DAY OF THE DEAD interdisciplinary arts event at 157 King St West, SAT NOV 1, 9pm, FREE.  

Join in as we partake in a pre-Colombian ritual honouring the dead that dates back thousands of years. An annual event held in the 9th month of the Aztec calendar, Dia de los Muertos, is now celebrated throughout Latin America, the US, Europe, Philippines and now, Canada.


  • David Hernandez and Mexico De Noche as Day of the Dead Mariachis
  • Memento Mori / Reflections on Death Photo Exhibition by Mark Essner
  • Day of the Dead Dance by Tanya Williams and Friends of the Floor
  • Calaveras, Skull or Day of the Dead Face Painting (for adults) 
  • DJ Nayo
  • Scary Treats

David Hernandez and Mexico De Noche - Day of the Dead Mariachis

David Hernandez comes from a long line of mariachis from Mexico City who have been playing in and around the Plaza Garibaldi for generations. David formed the Mexico de Noche Mariachi band in Toronto in 2000 and has been the band’s General Manager since that time. Mexico de Noche consists of 2 violins, 2 trumpets, a vihuela or Mexican guitar and a guitarron or Mexican bass for an authentic sound built on the experience, passion and traditions of Mexican Mariachi and ranchero music. Mexico de Noche are one of the most sought after mariachi bands in Toronto renowned for creating a ‘fiesta’ atmosphere wherever they perform. LISTEN


David Hernandez (GUITARRON)
Alex Borge (TRUMPET)
Peter Jefrey (TRUMPET)
Elvis Sanchez (VIHUELA)
Andres Espitia (VIOLIN)
Osvaldo Rodriguez (VIOLIN)

MEMENTO MORI ~ Reflections on Mortality Photo Exhibition by Mark Essner

The graveyard images in this exhibit were taken in cemeteries in Bermuda, New Orleans, Louisiana and the Mexican border ghost town of Terlingua, Texas. Whether they practiced Christianity or Voodoo, for hundreds of years people have entered these graveyards to pay their respects to deceased family members or friends. The ceremonies and their extravagance may vary but the untold stories and the feelings are consistently present. Mark Essner is a self-taught photographer who endeavors to capture the mood, feeling or tension of his subject matter. He does little post-production work to most of his images and instead uses camera settings to reproduce an aesthetics of lived experience.

DAY OF THE DEAD DANCE by Tanya Williams & Friends of the Floor

Tanya Williams has been facilitating and performing contact improvisation for 15 years. She is the leading force behind this evolving troupe of dancers, actors and context artists investigating and improvising what creates the cultural conditions for co-intelligence, collaboration and the flow within human relations. This often happens through the practice of movement, sound and contact improvisation. 


Scary but beautiful, calaveras or skull makeup combines the decorative, flowery and colourful motifs of Day of the Dead with the framework of the underlying bone structure or skull to create hauntingly beautiful filagreed masks.   


DJ Nayo, host of Sabor Urbano on SoundFM 100.3 and DJ on Tropical 88.3, bridges the world of popular Latin music with its older venerable, and classic, predecessors. Nayo is a remixer, resident DJ at the Luxy nightclub in Toronto and 2nd place winner of the Las Brisas Latin DJ Competition. He is also a musician and music producer.