KULTRÚN FESTIVAL - Opening GALA with THREE Top Kultrún Artists

KULTRÚN FESTIVAL - Opening GALA with THREE Top Kultrún Artists

An Intimate & Interactive Gala with Three Top Kultrún Artists
Jul 9 2015 - 8:00pm
Victoria Park Pavilion
80 Schneider Ave, Kitchener


Anita Tijoux 
Hip Hop Activist, Latin Pop Star & Latin Grammy Winner

 Chico Trujillo
Chile’s Rockinest Ska-Cumbia Orchestra

 Lucho Quequezana
Top Peruvian Composer, 2015 Bellas Artes Winner & 2014 Latin Grammy Nominee

ANITA TIJOUX is a 2015 Latin Grammy nominee for her song “Vengo” and a 2014 Latin Grammy winner for her album, Universos Paralelos. Tijoux’s rap and hip hop lyrics are a form for political and personal expression tackling issues such as the Chilean student movement, Latin American unity, cultural empowerment, the environment and women’s rights. 


La Vengo, 2014
La Bala, 2011
1977, 2009
Kaos, 2007

Known as ‘the superstars from the barrio who never left,’ Chico Trujillo is the driving force behind the new Chilean cumbia movement and Santiago’s best cumbia-ska-punk export. The band’s mix of classic cumbia, Andean folk, ska, rumba, hip hop and Balkan brass madness has made them a hit at music festivals across Europe, the US, South American and even Morocco. 

In Chile, Chico Trujillo’s music forms the soundtrack for every street scene, party, wedding and campfire sing along. Chico Trujillo formed in 1999 in Valparaíso, Chile. Twelve years and six albums later, Chico Trujillo’s exuberant performances have come to represent the nightlife that surrounded big ballroom events in the pre-Pinochet era and the positivity of global alt-music-culture.  


Peruvian artist
 Lucho Quequezana is a 2015 Bellas Artes winner, 2014 Latin Grammy nominee and he was a UNESCO artist in residence in 2006. Quequezana plays more than 25 percussion, string and wind instruments - from charango to flute to bagpipe, dulcimer, piano, quena and zamponia. His music is quintessentially Andean, but Quequezana is as adept with Latin jazz and world music rhythms as he is with his love of Peruvian music. 


Combi (2014)
Kuntur (2011)