Picadillo- Cuban Rhythms

Picadillo- Cuban Rhythms

Oct 1 2015 - 9:00pm
41 Quebec Street, Guelph

PICADILLO  [Peek-a-deeyo]

Picadillo’s unique brand of blues, ragtime, soul, son and rumba is proving its worth on international stages. From rough and tumble ragtime songs like “Mango Tree” to their finely tuned Cuban traditional son in “Son las Cosas de la Vida,” Picadillo breaths a fresh spirit into some much loved sounds. Song lyrics seasoned with contemporary messages and peppered with today’s slang ensure Picadillo’s music speaks to the local and the global. In songs that approach immigration issues, for example, Picadillo does so not just from a US perspective, but also from the perspective of Cubans living in Spain. LISTEN

Picadillo formed when Cuban band members Hector Agüero Lauten, Rey Rodriguez and Spaniard, José Luis Rodriguez met Cuban American Sol Ruiz in Barrio la Latina in downtown Madrid in 2010. The resulting collaboration is a cultural crossroads between New Orleans and Havana - and with relations thawing between the US and Cuba, 2015 makes an auspicious time for Picadillo’s third North America tour.

The bands lead singers, Sol and Rey, personify Picadillo's unique sound. Rey was raised and studied music in Cuba. Sol, on the other hand, was born in Miami to Cuban parents but has also lived in New Orleans and absorbed the sounds of the Mississippi Delta. Sol's two great loves are southern blues, jazz and rock, and Cuban guaracha and guaguanco music. She is influenced by Billie Holiday, Dr John, Edith Piaf and Benny More. Sol and Rey’s rich and soulful voices make Picadillo's songs an immersive experience each one seizing its own savvy, romantic or felicitous ambitions and driven by unfailing horns and percussion.