Aztec Dance

Performance Date: 
July 9, 2022
The Aztec/Mexika Dance is a prayer in movement. Learn about this ancient tradition and dance

The Aztec/ Mexika Dance is a prayer in movement, a straight connection with us and the universe as well as mother nature. An ancient tradition that survived colonization and evolved. The Aztec Dance Circle in Toronto first gathered in 2004 at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. They have approached the circle and shared “the praying movement” as it was called by their ancestors. Since then, they have been dancing nationally and internationally at various events and venues such as, Day of the Dead Celebration at Wychwood Barns, Pow wows, ceremonies, universities and festivals among others. They share their knowledge through workshops involving the communities from children to adults at many events held at theatres, schools, universities, gatherings and festivals.

During the workshops participants will learn about the history of this ancient tradition  and the meaning of the dance as an Ancient cosmovision. They will be exposed to the four directions and the ceremonial aspect of it with the four elements. In the practice, the participants can experiment with some of the instruments, coyoleras and sonajas; an important component of the dance. Through the workshop the participants will learn the movements of one full dance, so by the end they will accomplish a full circle of it.

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