Cajon Drumming

Performance Date: 
July 10, 2022
Los Patita de Perro will lead a Cajon Drumming session. Join the fun for all ages!

The most important musical band for children in Mexico 28 years of experience in the taste of several generations of children and not so young audiences, supports the solid and extraordinary work of a sui generis Mexican band called Los Patita de Perro, originally from Puebla city.

They stand out from the majority of children’s performances, because it breaks with the stereotype of what for decades has been wanted to establish, from a condescending adult vision, as “what should be”; a children’s performance. Far from that, with a natural language, clear and serious, but always full of humor and irreverence, the group appeals to the intelligence of children. They don’t wear colored clothing, makeup, or balloons; they don’t give away toys, do contests, use sappy language nor fake their voice. The strength of their speech is not in the visual but in their music, their lyrics, their usual performance full of hilarious occurrences, always changing and up to date, according to the times and audiences.

Los Patita de Perro, are not a group that only entertains and amuses, but through its ingenious and provocative lyrics, it touches on social issues that lead to reflection, tolerance, inclusion, children’s rights, critical thinking, freedom of thought and expression. Their shows are an interactive experience in which children play a fundamental role by dancing, jumping, getting wet, playing the instruments of the musicians, and singing with them. Musically, their power trio format (guitar, bass, drums), intertwined with grunge, punk, rock, pop, ska and sometimes even a bit of hardcore trends, fills the stage impressively. It is surprising how with so few elements, they achieve a beautiful and joyful concert, powerful and solid, as well as an impeccable connection with the audience. Admirably, they have been forged based on independent work, without the support of record companies, television stations, radio stations, businessmen-godfathers or network bots. Their fan base, known as “Pata-Fans”, is what keeps them current in the “word of mouth” of the public, not only throughout Mexico but in the countries in which they have performed, such as France, Canada, the United States, the United States, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. Definitely, Los Patita’s show, as they are affectionately known, is not just an entertainment act, but a whole life experience that forever changes those who are part of their concerts.


With ten albums into their history, such as Children’s Rights (1996), The Planet (2003), The First Songs (2005), When I Die (2007), Los Pata in Concert (2010), Thanks (2013) and perhaps the most memorable, Los Pata Contra-atacan (2000) to name a few.

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