Prayer Flag Workshop

Performance Date: 
July 9, 2022
Jakki Annerino leads a workshop to reate a fabric prayer flag with paint, beads and ribbons. All ages and skills!

Jakki Annerino is a visual artist who works in various media including acrylic, watercolour and wet felting. For over fifteen years, she has participated in many art shows in The Waterloo Region. Jakki is also a singer/songwriter, co-hosts of the Black Walnut Open Stage. Jakki's music can be found at Jakki Annerino Music on YouTube.

Jakki will be facilitating a Prayer Flag workshop. With this activity she'd like to spread positive hopes and prayers for peace, love, compassion and good will. Each participant will create a fabric prayer flag with paint, beads and ribbons, etc. This activity will be geared to people of all ages and skills.

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