Latin Swing Orchestra

Performance Date: 
July 9, 2022
A musical legacy of salsa from the 60’s and 70’s like the Charanga, Latin Jazz and more.

Bass player, Fhanor Molina, began his musical career in the city of Cali-Colombia, at a very early age. There, he participated in several large musical groups and Salsa bands. He is a highly recognized Latin artist in the community and has had the opportunity to record several professional LP's and perform internationally.

After years of musical training and dedication, Fhanor Molina started his own Latin orchestra, known as the Latin Swing Orchestra, to carry on the legacy of modern Salsa and Tropical Music. The Latin Swing Orchestra is a group of professional musicians that has had the privilege to participate in numerous festivals, including, The Beaches Jazz International Festival, TD Niagara Jazz Festival, Brantford Jazz Festival, as well as private and local parties in various cities throughout Ontario.

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