NST & The Soul Sauce

Performance Date: 
July 9, 2022
Explode into dance, excite your ears, and melt your heart with a unique musical blend.

NST & The Soul Sauce, an eight-piece band with Reggae roots, joins forces with a multi-award winning Korean Pansori vocalist, Kim Yulhee, to create one of the most unique cross-genre mashup tunes never heard. Their unique sound has elements of reggae/dub, jazz, afrobeat, jazz, funk, soul, Nyabinghi and psychedelic - blended with deep rooted Korean traditional sound and pop. The most unexpected yet unique, powerful spiritual sound of reggae and pansori will make you explode into dance, excite your ears, and melt your heart.  

Led by Noh Seonteck, the former bassist for Windy City, a first-generation reggae band in Korea that has performed at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, CMW, and SXSW, who created Korea’s ‘all-star’ reggae band, NST & The Soul Sauce in 2015. In 2017, the band introduced their newest project featuring a powerhouse Korean Pansori vocalist, Kim Yulhee. Along with the influence of Korean traditional sound and philosophy, they’ve created what they have dubbed: “Korean reggae."

NST & The Soul Sauce Meets Kim Yulhee released their first full album, Version, in 2019. The band performed at WOMEX 2019 and Mundial Montreal 2019 as official showcase artists.

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