Chinchin Demonstration

Performance Date: 
July 9, 2022
Olga Carrasco demonstrates how the percussion instruments all work together as she moves!

Olga was born in 1987 and had an early beginning in classic and contemporary dance. She received her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts at the Universidad de Chile. In 2011, as a member of the Escuela Carnavalera Chinchintirapie, a Chilean carnival group, she began to play the Chinchin. There she met the great chinchinero, and this is when Olga began her career in the trade of the chinchineros.

She has also worked with, Fabrica de Melodías, a Chilean barrel organ studio, Ensamble Transatlántico de Folk Chileno (world music, from Valparaíso), Tricahue Percussion and Saxophone (a chamber ensemble, she travelled with to Europe and Asia), DePerilla (Jazz huachaca and instrumental cueca), Banda Conmoción (brass band), OOñate” studio, (a Chilean percussion band) and has actively participated in the chilean, ETHNO camps, a world music camp. In 2019 she joined “La Maestranza” theatre company (Concepción) and participated in the play, En la Espalda un Corazón. In a documentary about Chinchina, Olga was the script writer and protagonist, as well, she was the arranger for the chinchin segments of En la Espalda un Corazón, a film adapted from the play of the same name.

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