Pascuala Ilabaca

Performance Date: 
July 10, 2022
Chilean singer & songwriter, noted for her voice with accompaniment on accordion and piano.

Accordion-wielding Chilean songstress, Pascuala Ilabaca is a true hidden gem: A favourite on the new and vibrant scene of young Chilean singer-songwriters, her music is rooted in traditional sounds but effortlessly integrates shades of jazz, pop and rock, and influences gathered in such distant places as India and Mexico. Accompanied by her formidable band, Fauna, her unique stage presence conjures up sweetness and empowerment at the same time, setting her songs alive with both fragility and verve.

Her most recent work entitled "La Curiosidad", is a simple cumbia/salsa style that invites us to free ourselves from what oppresses us through the exercise of curiosity as the key to self-determination. Following this inspiration, the artist is preparing for international circulation in 2022 with tours of the USA, Canada and Europe under the name "La Curiosidad Tour 2022", celebrating 10 years of her first international tour. The Chilean artist invites us to meet again and discover her new music, which for the first half of 2022 also includes the release of a new album with songs that mix rhythms of popular festivals from Latin America with her characteristic accordion and brass sounds and a lyrical socially committed around feminism and social movements.

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