Performance Date: 
July 8, 2022
Argentinian band brings a blend of tango and electronic music that's also influenced by world music and jazz.

Tanghetto is the electrotango group that emerged in Argentina with the greatest national and international relevance.

Winners of two Gardel Music Awards and with four Latin Grammy nominations including nomination for the 2021 Latin Grammy and also another for the 2021 Gardel Award (Argentine Grammys). Named on the official Grammy page as one of the trends in Latin American music of 2021.

More than 300 international shows in more than 200 cities in the Americas, Asia and Europe on prestigious venues such as the Lincoln Center in New York, the O2 Arena in London, the CCK's La Ballena Azul in Buenos Aires, and at festivals such as Peter's Womad Gabriel, Latinoamericando from Milan, and Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires.

Tanghetto collaborates with nationally renowned artists such as Pedro Aznar, Amelita Baltar, Peteco Carabajal, Guillermo Fernandez, among many others.
Tanghetto is an activist for inclusion and equality.

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