Spanish - Fall 2022

Neruda Arts Studio
September 22, 2022
December 8, 2022

Spanish lessons are offered for Introductory, Beginner and Conversation levels. Throughout the levels, you will learn speaking, writing and reading skills through fun and engaging instruction, games and quizzes.

12-week packages start on September 22

  • Class package is 12 weeks @ $180.00
  • Single trial class $17.50, subject to available space. If you enjoy a trial class and decide to continue, just let us know and you can pay the balance of the session at the Studio.
  • A minimum of 6 people are required to hold the class. Fees refunded if the class is cancelled because of insufficient participants.

Meet the Instructor

Hola! my name is Jose Santoyo. I was born and raised in Venezuela! My wife and I moved to Canada eight years ago. Now we are a family of four living in Kitchener, ON. We love this amazing country. I have a bachelor's degree in health and industrial safety.

Teaching has always been one of my biggest passions. I have been teaching Spanish for the last five years. I love sharing my mother tongue and our culture with people. I am always willing to meet people right where they are in their learning journey. I work hard to help all of my students accomplish their goals and see their progress, which is always encouraging when learning a new language or skill. I make sure my classes are fun and engaging. What better way to learn than having fun?

It would be my most tremendous honour and pleasure to work with you and teach you Spanish.

Introductory Classes

We will start at the basics, to create a foundation for the beginner level. The lessons in this course assume you have NEVER studied Spanish. If you have already learned some Spanish, the Beginner class is for you!

  • Spanish alphabet and sounds of each letter;
  • Days, dates, time, numbers;
  • Gender, family, greetings,
  • Colours and other adjectives
  • Basic verbs in present tense
  • Forming simple sentences

Date and Time: Thursdays at 10 am

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Beginner Classes

These classes will build on skills acquired in the introductory level.

Date and Time: Thursdays at 11 am

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Conversation Classes:

Ready for more  Spanish conversation? You have learned sufficient Spanish to hold simple conversations, but  you're ready to build more confidence and increase fluency. This is the class for you!

Date and Time: Thursdays at noon

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