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In 2020, and in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Neruda Arts changed gears and created a series of online events. Live-streamed events were recorded and are here for your enjoyment.


Because we can't come together, we're coming to you!


The first in our series of events of the Kultrún World Music
[Corona version]
was streamed on May 1

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Alex Cuba

Seclusion Inclusion #1: Junk music coffee house

This event was an opportunity for an open mic night in the physically distant world we currently live in. Participants were welcome to join us with a homemade junk instrument and a prepared song (cover songs were most welcome) to highlight the virtuoso of your musical junk creation. The event was open to all ages and was an evening of unique creations, fun music, and laughter along the way! 

About Mary Neil 


Mary founded KW Junk Music to make music accessible to everyone, and to encourage people to think about their sustainable practice. By making instruments out of material diverted from landfills and recycling plants, Mary challenges people to wonder, "why do we have so much junk to make instruments out of?" and how we can make a difference in our lives toward a more sustainable future.


Mary believes that music is an inherent part of human culture; one often can’t help being drawn into music in some way.  Yet many people often have very little opportunity to create music. Using junk instruments,  KW Junk Music works within communities and organizations to explore musical creativity in welcoming, safe atmospheres. Through unconventional instruments and group participation, Mary seeks to bridge the gap between performer and audience member by showing people that everyone can create music with anything.


Follow Mary on her musical adventures!

Seclusion Inclusion #2: An Introduction to QuGong

This event was a free workshop about QiGong, the practice of whole body breathing for well-being. Our host was Robin Grant. The workshop was adaptable to any age or level of fitness.


This interactive presentation explored the fundamentals of Taiji Chi Kung (Qigong). Qigong is meditation in motion, combining relaxed, fluid movement, with breathing, in order to balance body, mind and feelings for improved overall well-being.


Qigong is for every body and is adaptable to any age or level of fitness. Qigong requires no special equipment or clothing and can be done in any space that allows enough room to swing your arms. Ideally if one can be outside in nature close to trees and water that would be great, however,  if that isn't possible, we can create a sacred space by engaging the imaging power of the mind.

About Robin Grant

In his quest for people to explore their optimum health and well being, Robin teaches Qigong, (pronounced chee-gung), the study and practice of cultivating your vital life-force through various techniques including: breathing, posture, meditation and guided imagery. 


Robin Grant is a Registered Massage & Shiatsu Therapist and Qigong instructor. He has been on the healing path for (at least) thirty-five years.


ROBIN's website

Seclusion Inclusion #3 - Circle of Sound

This event was a live online drum circle, facilitated by Alison Feuerwerker, and recorded on Zoom. (Participants have been edited out to protect their privacy and so the video could be concise.)


Drumming together while we are apart. In this time of seclusion inclusion, let’s experiment with ways to come together by drumming even when we can’t be together.


No drum? No problem!

Participants could use a tabletop, pots and pans… or make percussion instruments at home.


Great fun for the entire household. No experience necessary!

Everyone has a sense of rhythm!

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