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Let your screens come alive with the sights & sounds of Kultrún 2021

This year the Kultrun World Music Festival will be a series of free online concerts on
October 14 to 17
8-9 pm


Each one-hour concert will present 3 different musical performances streamed on YouTube and Facebook. 

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The Artists


Pascuala Ilabaca

PASCUALA ILABACA (Chile) Pascuala Ilabaca (born 1985, Girona, Spain) is a Chilean singer and songwriter, noted for her voice with accompaniment on accordion and piano. She is part of Samadi, which compiles ethnic music of India, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and Europe. Pascuala studied music in India 2008-2009.

Pascuala's music is rooted in traditional sounds but effortlessly integrates shades of jazz, pop and rock, and influences gathered in such distant places as India or Mexico.

Facebook: pascualailabaca


14 Hours

14 HOURS (Arabic Jazz Orchestra) From the deepest roots of the ancient east, carrying his ancestor's music to the modern world, Majd Sekkar established a new band to feature the multicultural atmosphere of Canada by mixing the Middle Eastern microtonal sound with jazz harmony and rhythm.

14 Hours was established in 2019 in Toronto as a fusion Jazz band that seeks to bring hope, inspiration and innovation to the audience. The music ensemble started with guitarist Demetrios Petsalakis, drummer Max Senitt, and bassist Tyler Emond. The music of 14 Hours is a cultural bridge between the soulful improvisation of eastern music and the rhythmic jazz vibes.



eKHAYA (African Jazz) music is Zimbabwean, Jamaican and Canadian sounds woven into a musical tapestry, with each song part of a story, waking a memory and invigorating the ears. The eKhaya sound is a merging of Afro Jazz, Afro-beat, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, and Reggae! It is both old and new, with a warm and engaging presence and a charismatic music style. Harboring warmth wherever they go, eKhaya is not a rock band or a reggae band. The story and sound go deeper than categorization. After years of working together and apart in various projects, the guys have come together to travel deep inside the music they create. Each song telling a story, each story involving the audience, imploring them to take a moment to pause and explore, be receptive to a new dawn, a new way, a RETHINK of their situation, way of living, beliefs and life.

Facebook: ekhayamusic

Madj Sekkar

MAJD SEKKAR ​​- A member of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra and a clarinet and Arabic music theory teacher at the Canadian Arabic Conservatory, Majd Sekkar has performed with renowned artists on stages across Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Algeria and completed Humber College’s jazz performance program. Soon after moving to Canada in 2016, he began to work with a variety of local and international musicians and composers and perform across the country. He has given master classes on Arabic music theory and incorporating clarinet in Middle Eastern music at the University of Toronto and York University, and, in addition to his own quartet that mixes, and transcends, jazz, Middle-Eastern, and other music, plays in a number of Toronto’s favourite bands including Fethi Nadjem Ensemble, Moneka Arabic Jazz, Moskitto Bar, and 14 Hours.

Facebook: Majdsekkarmusic

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Fernanda Cunha

Brought up in a rich musical environment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, singer Fernanda Cunha began her career in 1997 and has since toured Brazil, Europe and North America, performing at prestigious international jazz festivals. Regular appearances at jazz festivals in Canada have helped to carve out a whole new fan base for Cunha’s post-bossa groove, and in 2019 she moved to Canada.
Fernanda is accompanied by a trio of great musicians from Toronto and will perform some of then finest Brazilian bossa nova songs, sambas and originals.


Montuno Police

Six accomplished musicians playing original instrumental compositions, combining wicked grooves and creative interplay. We mix the harmonic and improvisational traditions of North American Jazz with the rhythmic influences of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and Arabic music. The result is an aural explosion of global grooves taking the ear in new and riveting musical directions.


Clefs of Moher

CLEFS OF MOHER (Celtic) This Celtic-inspired modern 11-piece jazz band creates a unique sound that fuses jazz, classical and Celtic music. Tim Moher's Celtic jazz ensemble includes a French horn, trumpet, sax, two fiddles, cello, uilleann pipes, two percussionists, bass, keys and guitar.


Balaklava Blues

Mark Marczyk has a new Ukrainian folk-dubstep duo with his talented wife, Marichka. Think Lido Pimienta meets A Tribe Called Red meets Dakha Brakha…!

Mark and Marichka Marczyk met and fell in love during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Their experiences of war coupled with their unique knowledge of the polyphonic blues of the Ukrainian plains exploded into an ethno-bass live set in which the duo sing live to original EDM, trap, trance and electro-pop influenced tracks. The astounding vocals are accompanied by equally compelling documentary footage from the front lines of the war, black and white archival material from the same region, and popular soviet cartoons.




Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wesli (Wesley Louissaint) built his first guitar out of an old NGO-provided oil can and nylon shoe lace when he was just eight years old.
Wesli’s musical journey started in the gospel choir of his local church until he adopted the guitar as his main instrument. Ever since, Wesli has worked relentlessly, perfecting his art, in a hope for a better life. Very early, he took part in serious projects such as the afro-roots Jazz 4ever quartet and SoKute. He performed in many of Haiti’s concert halls and traveled abroad with Kreyol Mizik company. In his teens, Wesli produced and recorded the album Horizon with SoKute. Their soul music gathered wide success and even made them famous outside Haiti. Either with an acoustic set (guitar, voice and percussion), or with his big band, Wesli consistently delivers a rich, exciting and uniquely engaging sound.


Juneyt Trio +1

Singer Begum Boyanci: She was born in Turkey. She had studied Classical Guitar for along time then she started singing. She completed Turkish Classical Music Master degree in 2013. She recorded an album with Kadir Yılmaz; the album called “Muhayyel” was published in 2017. She moved to Canada in 2017. She continues her music studies in Toronto.

Bassist Tom Nagy: Tom Nagy has been playing music longer than he can remember. After finishing his degree in music performance, Tom toured intercontinentally and performed at Massey Hall with The Gary Cain Band. Closer to home, Tom performs with flamenco Nuevo phenom Juneyt, Genesis tribute band The Genesis Experience, and his annual sold-out Christmas Experience extravaganza at The Jazz Room. Recent recordings include a collection of Christmas travesties, Juneyt’s “Fuego” and The Gary Cain Band’s “Twangadelic Bluesophunk”.

Guitarist Juneyt: Juneyt: Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Juneyt is a self-taught musician and has been playing Flamenco & Nuevo-Flamenco Guitar for years. He has played alongside many well-known musicians throughout his career. Juneyt has performed as a studio guitarist on more than 15 albums and numerous festivals in Europe, Asia, South & North America also opened for many world-renowned musicians such as Liona Boyd, John McDermott, Alex Cuba, Doobie Brothers, Santana and many more.



Olga Carrasco

Olga Carrasco is a Russian-Chilean artist who lives and works in Santiago, Chile. Olga performs Cinchina, a tradition in Chile, Historically, Chinchina is considered a poor man's one-man band, with the performer outfitted with various musical instruments on their body which they play with their hands, feet, arms and shoulders.

Olga started in the "chinchinero" trade in 2011 as a member of "Chinchintirapié" troupe. There she met  her teacher, Patricio Pepa Toledo Riquelme, an important traditional chinchinero.  In 2012 Olga studied percussion with Simone Caiafa (percussionist graduated from the Universidad de Chile).

Instgram: @olga_rolandovna

Collectivo Ensemble

COLLECTIVO ENSEMBLE, celebrates the rich kaleidoscope of Afro-influenced music of the Americas that we are so privileged to personally experience living in such a richly diverse city as Toronto. COLLECTIVO explores Afro-Latin rhythms from Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Chile. Some of which have a common denominator of a distinct way to feel a 6/8 groove. We travel to the Caribbean savouring Ska and Reggae’s contagious beats. Inevitably, funk, Soul and Jazz are all thrown in the Collective pot to make for a truly eclectic recipe.

JJ Acuña -  guitar/compositions/some vocals; Max Senitt- Drummer/Percussionist; Tyler Emond - multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer; Chris Pruden - pianist and keyboardist; Selcuk Suna -  Born in Turkey he currently resides in Toronto as a freelance musician. He also performs traditional Turkish music with “Istanbul Trio”, is a member of the Royal Conservatory’s New Canadian Global Music Orchestra and KUNE.


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