• Carol Rawlings

Lights... Camera... Action!

Take One!

Neruda Arts is creating its first performing artist video today in our new studio, as part of our project, And Still She Persists.

We're so excited to announce that we have eight performing artists who have applied to have us create video content for them. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to use our new studio - Sound on Sound - AND to highlight the careers of women in performing arts in the Waterloo Region.

Watch for more from these artists.

Arlene Thomas - Puppets & Shadows Theatre Wom Anjuma

Joni Nehrita

Mary Neil

Charlena Russell

Grace Sheele

Alysha Brilla

Viktorija Kovac

Photo of setup for videotaping Puppets & Shadows Theatre
Arlene & Nike of Puppets & Shadows Theatre get ready to roll!


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