The Peace Stage Project

Neruda Art's Mobile Stage - Built for the people - by the people.

Every project needs a foundation.

This project needs your help!

We are aiming to raise $5,432.00 toward the construction of a mobile stage.

With a mobile stage - Neruda Arts can bring music, theatre, and dance to the community, especially outlying communities and those with little access to the arts.

Throughout the year Neruda Arts presents smaller festivals, concerts, establishes panels, facilitates conversation regarding social issues, youth workshops, and creates interactive events with a focus on inclusion.  Neruda Arts educates and introduces the community to a more all-embracing attitude regarding multiculturalism, issues of racism and exclusion.


Since 2001, Neruda Arts has been a champion to emerging, mid-career and professional artists, often mentoring and encouraging them in their pursuit of life in the arts.


We have learned a lot through the challenges of COVID-19.  We shifted our focus to support the artists in a way that is best achieved, at this time, through social media. We have just equipped an audio/visual studio called Sound on Sound (SOS), where we have the tools to further the careers of local musicians and more. Yet, we are profoundly aware there are still people left out, not included in the arts, often because of their situation, whether it be mobility, financial or the pandemic itself.


This is where the PEACE STAGE comes in.

If you help us build it, we will come.

With some very able artisans, notably Sandra Dunn of Two Smiths, we are in the midst of constructing a mobile stage. Mobile. We have visions of bringing music to smaller communities, to day care, schools, retirement homes, small outdoor venues – we have a million ideas.


Luckily, we don't need a million dollars.



Imagine bringing music to smaller towns, that don't enjoy concerts and art happening in their own communities, or bringing music to shut-ins, youth and people who are financially challenged.

We are asking for donations, not just because we need your financial help, but because we want you, in our  community, to feel THE PEOPLE'S STAGE is YOUR STAGE.

Help us make something wonderful happen!