Festival Volunteers

We're looking for volunteers to help us at All That Worldly Jazz Festival.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete the application form.


  • Setup before: assisting with setup (4)

  • Clean up after: assisting with cleanup (4)

  • Registration at gate: Registering participants and covid screening (6)

  • Workshop tent: flow and covid safety of participants, sanitizing equipment (1)

  • Festival Ambassador: directing participants to food vendors, washrooms, etc. (1)

  • Covid Protocol Supervisor: ensuring covid protocols are followed. (1)

  • Facilities Manager: monitoring and refilling sanitizers & drinking water, hand soap, etc. (1)

Numbers in brackets indicate volunteers required per time slot.

Volunteers are required to attend an orientation session.

Please check all that apply on the form.

Volunteer application

To help us schedule volunteers, let us know how and when you can help.

Choose where you can help
When are you available
Which orientation session can you attend?

Thank you for volunteering.

We truly appreciate your support!