Anita Katakkar and Kayla Milmine

Performance Date/Time
September 17, 2022 2:00 PM
Concert Location
St James Lutheran Church grounds


Anita Katakkar is a multi-faceted composing, performing and recording artist, with a focus on North Indian tabla - a link to her heritage. Anita has performed and toured internationally, with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble, and nationally with the Canadian rock band, The Tea Party. Rakkatak, Anita’s solo project, presents classical Indian tabla compositions using a expressive palette of rhythm, melody and ambient textures. Kayla Milmine is drawn to the new and under-explored sonic possibilities that only the soprano saxophone can offer. Her unique approach has a distinct edginess and brashness, while at the same time, emanating a sultry warmth and thoughtfulness. Milmine has two solo albums, ‘Straight Horn Magick; a mixture of field recordings and solo soprano saxophone improvisations, and ‘Moods of Yellow’. Kayla is the co-founder of the Women From Space Festival in Toronto.