All That Worldly Jazz Music Festival

Experience the magic of live music!

All That Worldly Jazz - A FREE, intimate festival celebrating diverse cultural expressions of Jazz in the charming village of St. Jacobs.

In the Fall of 2021 Neruda Arts presented "All That Worldly Jazz Festival" to St Jacobs, Ontario. What a wonderful opportunity this was for the community, from children to grandparents, to gather outdoors in a safe, socially distanced, all-inclusive event. We enjoyed live music, with the flavours of Brazil, Turkey, Africa, Ireland and Latin; drinks and treats, provided by local vendors, and an interactive workshops for all ages.

All That Worldly Jazz Festival returned in September 2022!
Sat, Sep 17 2022, 1:00 PM – Sun, 18 Sep 2022, 8:00 PM in the Village of St Jacobs.

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Kultrun World Music Festival 2022

Kultrún, our signature event, is a free outdoor festival celebrating the music of the world.

In July 2022, we brought our well-loved festival to the village of St. Jacobs, ON!

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