About Us

Bringing The Community Together

Our Mission

Neruda Arts’ mission is to enhance cultural understanding and diversity in their community through the arts by providing arts programs, performances, and galleries while compensating artists fairly.

Our Vision

Neruda Arts will be a community hot spot for artists and art enjoyers, as well as a mosaic of different cultures, backgrounds and artistic disciplines.

Our Values

Neruda Arts values freedom of expression, with fair compensation for artists involved. We understand that everyone has a story that is worth being told, and there is beauty in seeing and hearing stories from different backgrounds and cultural identities.

Our Story

Neruda Arts is a non for profit world music presenter dedicated to building bridges in the community through music, dance, theatre, and literary and visual arts. Since 2001, Neruda Arts has presented numerous Café Cabarets, Kultrun World Music Festival, Show the World concerts and live music festivals attracting thousands of residents and visitors. Additionally, we offer free workshops and free classes for emerging artists, youth, and various community groups. This programming has allowed Neruda Arts to develop a strong presence in the arts, culture and community service sectors in the Waterloo Region.

Our Goal

Founded in 2001 by Artistic Director Isabel Cisterna, the organization’s mandate is to support emerging and new Canadian professional artists, and artists from visible minorities, whose work is under-represented in local cultural institutions. Neruda Arts is dedicated to both the professional development of emerging artists and the artistic development of professional artists, while continuously working to raise awareness and appreciation for diverse forms of cultural expression in the community. Neruda Arts' programming brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to celebrate diversity and its positive values.

Meet Our Team

Our team of high energy, inclusive staff will have you feeling welcome and comfortable throughout your visit with us.

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