Kultrún World Music Festival

Free, International Festival with roots deeply embedded in the Waterloo Region!


Live music, dance Party, silent auction and more to support Kultrún World Music Festival 2024!

May 17, 2024 in the Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel
@ Waterloo St. Jacobs

Our Voices: Women in Power

A photographic exhibition by Viviana Urra Contreras.
Cueca dance by Duo Marilaf - Garrido

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Fundraiser 2024

Live music, dance Party, silent auction and more to support Kultrún World Music Festival 2024!

May 17, 2024 in the Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel
@ Waterloo St. Jacobs

Kultrun World Music Festival 2024

We are going to have a new home for the Kultrún World Music Festival 2024!

July 12-14, 2024 at Waterloo Park will be Neruda Arts’ signature event. Our beloved free outdoor festival celebrating the music of the world!

She Creates

Neruda Arts Celebration of Women in the Arts throughout the Month of March!!

All That Worldly Jazz

In the Fall of 2021 Neruda Arts launched "All That Worldly Jazz Festival" to St Jacobs, Ontario.

What a wonderful opportunity this was for the community, from children to grandparents, to gather outdoors in a safe, socially distanced, all-inclusive event. We enjoyed live music, with the flavours of Brazil, Turkey, Africa, Ireland and Latin; drinks and treats, provided by local vendors, and an interactive workshops for all ages.

Our Yule Holiday Markets

Yule Holiday Market everyone!

Are you looking for unique holiday gift? Let’s gather for an exciting line-up of FRE live music!

Our market holds treats and drinks, fair trade, artisan made jewelry, vintage accessories & clothing and much more!

About Neruda Arts

Neruda Arts is a non-profit music presenter dedicated to building bridges in the community through music, dance, theatre, and literary and visual arts. Throughout the year, Neruda Arts presents free live music, theatre, free classes and free art workshops that represent the diversity of the Waterloo Region These events focus on promoting marginalized, indigenous, multicultural, and female performers.

Bringing The Community Together

Our Mission

Neruda Arts’ mission is to enhance cultural understanding and diversity in their community through the arts by providing arts programs, performances, and galleries while compensating artists fairly.

Our Vision

Neruda Arts will be a community hot spot for artists and art enjoyers, as well as a mosaic of different cultures, backgrounds and artistic disciplines.

Our Values

Neruda Arts values freedom of expression, with fair compensation for artists involved. We understand that everyone has a story that is worth being told, and there is beauty in seeing and hearing stories from different backgrounds and cultural identities.


Neruda Arts offers a variety of free classes including free language classes, latin dance classes & more.

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At Neruda Arts, we offer free art workshops for felting, arpillera, beading, macrame and more.

Gallery Exhibitions

Enjoy free art gallery exhibitions at Neruda Arts, accompanied by live music and art sales.

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Music Sessions

Enjoy free live music and intimate mini-concerts in our inclusive and diverse Neruda Arts Studio.

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What's New At Neruda Arts

Neruda Arts’ team offers a great lineup of events, free classes, free art workshops, live music, theatre performances and more in 2023. Many of our events are also FREE of charge and are made for all.

Top-Rated NonProfit

Neruda Arts is recognized as a GreatNonProfits Top-Rated NonProfit, and is a trusted choice for NFP art, live music, adult classes, language classes, a creative art studio and more. We are always looking for volunteers in the community that are as passionate about art and culture as we are. As a trusted non for profit organization in the Waterloo region, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support while bringing our creative visions to life.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer at the Kultrun World Music Festival 2024! 

She Creates (due)

Why celebrate women for one day in March, when you can celebrate amazing women in the arts for the entire month of March?

Join Neruda Arts for their second annual, She Creates - a month-long presentation of women in the visual arts, theater, music, dance - and women hyping each other. 


Are You An Artist, Media Official, Volunteer, Potential Donor Or Friend?

We would love to connect with you!

Visit Our New Location

Our address is 8 Spring Street, and our entrance is located at the back of the building, most easily accessed from the parking lot located off Albert Street West, between the St Jacobs Playhouse Theatre and Hamel Brooms.

Please note that parking is not permitted behind the St James Evangelical Lutheran Church. Public Transportation: Grand River Transit bus stop is just one block away at King Street and Front Street.

The route is #21 from Conestoga Mall to Elmira.


"Neruda Arts is one of the most important organizations for Arts and Culture in the KW Region. Their work is authentic and Isabel Cisterna, for founder, one of the most amazing role models and mentors in our Region.

- Carolina M.

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