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Neruda Arts is a nonprofit world music presenter dedicated to building bridges in the community through music, dance, drama, and literary and visual arts. Each year, Neruda Arts presents Kultrún Festival which provides thousands of residents and visitors with access to high quality local, national and international world music artists, workshops and children's programming.

How We Operate

As a nonprofit organization, we are completely reliant on various fund-raising activities, sponsorships, grants and donations. This funding allows us to: support the artists and performers by paying a fare wage; maintain our office and studio; purchase or rent necessary equipment; provide free programs and events; and promote Neruda Arts.

Type of Donations

One Time Donation

Every donation makes a difference! We happily accept donations in any amount via PayPal or email money transfer to

One Time Donation

The Neruda Arts team works year-round the deliver high-quality, local, national and international performances, galleries, workshops, classes and children’s programming. Your monthly donation will help us to maintain a stable financial position while we continue to brainstorm and plan throughout the year.

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