Volunteer with us!

We have festivals and events throughout the year that need cool people like you.

Some of our jobs may include:

Setup before event: Assisting with setup.

Info Booth: Be welcoming with guests, be in charge of the information booth.

Workshop tent: Flow and COVID-19 safety of participants, sanitizing equipment.

Festival Ambassador: Directing participants to food vendors and washrooms, General upkeep of festival (pick up trash if you see it), Concession, Photo-Booth, etc.

Facilities Manager: Monitoring and refilling sanitizers & drinking water, hand soap, etc. Water station.

Social Media: Take photos, videos, and make posts on the official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok accounts. (*Must be social media savvy!)  

Clean up after event: Assisting with cleanup.


I’m a high school student. Can I get volunteer hours for this?

Yes! Volunteering is open for high school students too! Just remember to bring your volunteer form on your last day to get it signed!

Where will I be working?

Our events are in St. Jacobs

What will our job be exactly?

On the volunteer application form, found in the ‘VOLUNTEER HERE’ button, will include a list of tasks you may express interest in doing. You can choose as few or as much as you’d like, and we will try our best to accommodate to your schedule and asks when assigning tasks

Is this paid? 

This work is entirely voluntary and so will not be paid. However, you will be able to receive volunteer hours from this experience.

Still have questions?

Any more questions? Thoughts or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us at outreach@nerudaarts.ca