Community Projects

​During the past twenty years, Neruda Arts has been a champion to emerging, mid-career and professional artists, often mentoring and encouraging them in their pursuit of life in the arts

​These are some of our projects that bring art, and artists, to the community.

July 2022
Feel The Music - A rock music concert for hard-of-hearing children, using vibrotactile chairs

Neruda Arts worked with technical experts to create vibrotactile chairs for the hard-of-hearing community.

The first evening of the Kultrun World Music Festival was a concert unlike many others, one exclusively for the pleasure of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Using special vibrotactile technology, the audience enjoyed the music through sensory experiences, in other words, they could "feel the music."

Los Patita de Perro were the guest musicians for the night - Contributing their mission to Neruda Arts' Feel The Music concert!

Originally from Puebla city, Los Patita de Perro, supports a solid and extraordinary work in a class of its own, with 28 years of experience, including several generations of children, and more mature audiences, touching on social issues that lead to reflection, tolerance, inclusion, children's rights, critical thinking, leading to freedom of thought and expression.

Neruda Studios, our brand new space in St Jacobs, Ontario!

Following two years of isolation, social distancing and uncertainty, it was with great pleasure and anticipation that we opened the doors of Neruda Arts Studio, our brand new space in St Jacobs, Ontario.

The Peace Stage

Imagine bringing music to smaller towns, that don't enjoy concerts and art happening in their own communities, or bringing music to shut-ins, youth and people who are financially challenged.

With a mobile stage, Neruda Arts can bring music, theatre, and dance to the community, especially outlying communities and those with little access to the arts.

July 2021
And Still She Persists

We created a brand new audio/visual studio: Sound on Sound (SoS). To get things going, we invited local artists in music, theatre, visual art, puppetry and more, to be recorded and provided with a professional quality video of their work with which to further their musical careers. Our goals, in a small part were to highlight the careers of women in music in the Waterloo Region, with a focus on unrepresented women (BIPOC). It was our hope that participants will gain a platform to perform, an increase in audience members and the opportunity to be paid a fair wage.

Arpillera of Justice

This project is in support of victims of the violent state repression of the uprising in Chile that exploded in 2019. This giant arpillera was designed by Chilean artist Ian Pierce (Ekeko) and supported by various community organizations including Neruda Arts, La Vitrina KW and Quarry.

Arpillera, Harpillera

nombre femenino

An arpillera, which means burlap in Spanish, is a brightly colored patchwork picture made predominantly by groups of women (also known as arpilleristas)

Tejido generalmente de estopa, yute u otro tipo de fibra similar, que es basto, fuerte y áspero; se utiliza sobre todo para hacer sacos y cubrir bultos en almacenes o transportes.

Coordinated by several volunteers, including Gabriela Bravo, Isabel and Cecilia Cisterna, Alejandra Bravo, Ambar Hernandez, Carol Rawlings and Arlene Thomas, the “Arpillera fue Justice” involved 65 women from around the world and Canada. This project is standing and supporting victims of the violent state repression of the uprising in Chile that exploded in 2019. This giant arpillera was designed by Chilean artist Ian Pierce ( Ekeko) and supported by various community organizations including Neruda Arts, La Vitrina KW and Quarry.

[Arpilleras served to document and denounce oppression in a country where all normal channels of free expression were closed. To the women, making arpilleras was a way to share their sorrows and concerns. To present-day viewers, arpilleras are a testament to the women’s extraordinary strength and survival through tremendous suffering and loss.]

- The william Benton museum of art
June 2017
Charles Street Mural

More than 100 volunteers and artists created Neruda Arts' new 150-foot mural for downtown Kitchener. The theme, A Mural About Belonging, is about recognizing Canada as a nation of immigrants living on Indigenous land.  The mural explores Indigeuneity, multiculturalism and Canadian identity.

CBC Canada News Feature
🚀 The beginning
Neruda Arts was established in 2001 by Founding Artistic Director, Isabel Cisterna, as a non-profit world-music presenter dedicated to building bridges in the community through music, dance, drama, and literary and visual arts.
Each summer, Neruda Arts presents it's signature event, Kultrún World Music Festival –  Live music from all over the world, as well as local and national bands, plays all weekend - a virtual smorgasbord of culture. This event also highlights arts and crafts people, workshops and interactive events, dance, theatre, food of the world, and in 2019, introduced a concert designed for the deaf and hard of hearing, Feel the Music.

Aside from Kultrún, throughout the year Neruda presents smaller festivals, concerts, establishes panels, facilitates conversation regarding social issues, youth workshops, and creates interactive events with a focus on inclusion.  Neruda Arts educates and introduces the community to a more all-embracing attitude regarding multiculturalism, issues of racism and exclusion.

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