Russell Music Teaching Studios Youth Performers

Performance Date: 
July 15, 2023
An amazing group of Youth Performers will join MARU CORONADO‍ for a artistic cultural exchange.

Russell Music Teaching Studios YOUTH PERFORMERS! is a group of talented local youth who will take to the stage to perform their favourite songs!

Led bywe bring you heart warming performances by students from many different backgrounds as we come together to build community through music! We are honoured to perform at Kultrun and very much looking forward to inspiring listeners to Learn to Love Music!

CHARLENA RUSSELL is a caring and motivated instructor who loves to teach and takes pride in helping her students achieve their goals. A dedicated musician since she was 12, Charlena loves teaching her students the songs that make their eyes light up. Charlena applies her classical Royal Conservatory of Music background to any and all styles of music. Charlena has studied with symphony players and the top teachers in K-W and across Ontario. In 2011, she completed her RCM theory and grade 9 classical vocal exam. Charlena loves learning and continues to expand her skills with lessons herself because there’s always more to learn!

MARU CORONADO (Chile) is a singer, songwriter, actor, immigrant, mother and activist originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, residing in Chile. Her music is a fusion of Latin American, Folk and contemporary music - infused with her ancestral songs.