Flamenco Dance Classes with Calujules

September 28, 2022

Beginning on Thursday, October 6 to December 22, Calujules-Flamenco Plus will offer Flamenco Dance and introductory flamenco guitar lessons at Neruda Arts Studio.

Class Descriptions:

5pm – 5:45pm: “Flamenco Rhythm, Clapping and Dance for Kids”
Kids will be introduced to fun flamenco rhythms, learning some funky steps and cheering each other on.

6pm – 7:15pm: Flamenco Dance Level 1
This class is for people who are still new to flamenco, e.g. those who have only taken classes for a short time, are still learning the basics, or have never done flamenco before. The focus will be on technique, with some Sevillanas choreography.

7:30 – 8:45pm: Flamenco Dance Level 2
This class is for dancers with experience. Students need to have a good handle on the basics, floreo, braceo, and all the footwork strokes, as well as be able to execute some patterns, e.g. redobles, and have a sense of how flamenco dance works with the music. This term will focus on Fandangos.

6pm – 7pm : Introduction to flamenco guitar
An introduction to flamenco rhythms and techniques on guitar. Whether you are a new guitarist or have experience playing other kinds of music, It will be a small group where the level can be tailored to each participant. Ages 12 and up. Requires a guitar with nylon strings, such as a classical or flamenco guitar.

Rates & Signup

Calujules-Flamenco Plus has signups for the full term, partial term (8/12 classes), as well as drop-in. The rates vary for the different classes, as they are of different duration:

Kids: full term: $192.00, Partial: $168.00, Drop-in: $25

Flamenco dance level 1 / 2: Full term: $277.80, Partial: $240, Drop-in: $33

Guitar: Full term: $222.00, Partial: $184, Drop-in: $25

Registration & Contact

To register, visit https://calujules.com/lessons

For more information, email contact@calujules.com

Claudia & Julian

Claudia & Julian, a.k.a. “Calú” and “Jules,” are a flamenco duo based in the Region of Waterloo, who who also teach and gig in the GTA. They met as they were both taking flamenco classes in Spain and a few years later, got settled in Waterloo where Claudia was attending grad school at the time.

Julian trained in the flamenco guitar program at Codarts Conservatory in the Netherlands, and Claudia has been chiselling away at flamenco and Spanish dance since she was 12 years old, taking classes at several Toronto academies, as well as completing post-secondary programs in dance and a minor in music. They now dedicate themselves entirely to teaching and performing flamenco, and cultivating a local flamenco scene through their annual Flamenco Fest (the Grand River Flamenco Fest), as well as through their weekly lessons, workshops, and putting on shows for the community.

Julian is the guitarist and accompanist of the duo and the one with the fine-tuned ear that can help just about any vocal or dance student refine their pitch or rhythms, and Claudia is the dancer-singer who leads the dance lessons and adds percussion and vocals to the performances. They each perform regularly at flamenco events and with flamenco artists in Toronto, such as at the Toronto Flamenco Tablao and with dancer/choreographer, Maria Serrano.

Claudia and Julian are most passionate about connecting with community members, trying to make the arts more available and accessible to a variety of income brackets and backgrounds, and in watching students grow in their craft and have a great time at flamenco events.

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