Pointilism & Photography: A Joint Art Exhibition

September 29, 2022

We are honoured and thrilled to have Neruda Arts Studio included in the Kissing Bridge 2022 Studio Tour, October 22 & 23, 2022 - 10am to 5pm. Our studio gallery will feature Acrylic Dot Painting by Roxana Bahrami, and Fine Art & Nature Photography by Adrienne Zoe.

Join us for our special opening event at 6:00 pm on Friday, October 21 at Neruda Arts Studio.

As is our tradition at Neruda Arts, we like to honour our artists with a special opening event which is free and open to everyone. We offer you an opportunity to meet the artists and view their art, while enjoying refreshments and our musical guest.

Roxana Bahrami

Roxana Bahrami is a self-taught artist based in Guelph Ontario who is using pointillism in her work. She is an advocate of using art as a form of mindfulness activity and believes this integration is important for the wellbeing of individuals on a personal level, as well as for businesses, triggering creativity, productivity, and innovative thinking in the workplace.  

Roxana is a member of Guelph Arts Council, Guelph Studio Tour, Kissing Bridge Studio Tour and a University of Guelph alumni. She is a certified Knowledge Management professional who tries to depict fluidity in her pieces.  

She is also running mindfulness through art workshops/virtual workshops for local communities and organizations.

Contact Information

416 618 9622
Instagram: roxanabahrami

Adrienne Zoe

Adrienne Zoe is an award-winning fine art and nature photographer who enjoys photographic exploration, creative techniques, and adding her own artist interpretation. Experience a unique perspective through her lens. Her images are more than a snap shot; they’re photographic works of art. As a nature photographer, Adrienne gets satisfaction in promoting nature and conservation. She is also committed to donating a percentage of nature sales proceeds to conservation charities.
Adrienne exhibits year-round at Uptown Gallery Waterloo. You can also find her at local art shows and studio tours of Waterloo Region.

“Born an artist, my joy in photography is to explore it as an art-form, to not simply shoot beautiful photographs, but to create art.  As a creative fine art photographer, my goal is to engage my audience with images that demand reflection and contemplation. It is my passion to capture the beauty of the world and nature in a way that is different and arresting, and my pleasure to share it.”- Adrienne Zoe

Find more about Adrienne on her website at www.adriennezoephotography.com and on Facebook and Instagram under @azoephoto.

Kissing Bridge Studio Tour 2022

The Free and Self-guided 2022 Studio Tour is on October 22 & 23, 2022 - 10am to 5pm. For more information visit www.kbtstudiotour.ca

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