Neruda Arts Peace Stage, Mobile Performances

January 10, 2022

We learned a lot through the challenges of COVID-19. In 2020 we shifted our focus to support artists in different ways, while also supporting the community, bringing joy to their lives through the arts. Primarily we achieved this through online versions of productions, and social media. We were profoundly aware there are still people left out, not included in the arts, often because of their situation, whether it be mobility, financial or the pandemic itself.

Imagine bringing music to smaller towns, that don't enjoy concerts and art happening in their own communities, or bringing music to shut-ins, youth and people who are financially challenged.

This is where the Peace Stage came in...

With some very able artisans, notably Sandra Dunn of Two Smiths, we constructed a mobile stage. Yes, mobile! We had visions of bringing music to smaller communities, to day cares, schools, retirement homes, small outdoor venues and more.

The Planning Stage

The Kindness Project was born

In partnership with Wilfrid Laurier University Library and the Faculty of Music Community Music Program,  was a transformational event launched on Friday November 12, 2021. Between November 15 and November 27 Neruda Arts and Music in the Library for our Community brought our mobile stage to various locations within the Waterloo Region, sharing music and positive messages of kindness and hope.

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