"Speak to Us of Love" Paintings by Maca Suazo

March 1, 2022

About this event

Neruda Arts presents Maca Suazo

April 1 & 2, 6-9 pm

The magical paintings of Maca Suazo reflect the relationship between painting and literature. In this series, titled "Speak to Us of Love", Maca visually expresses a selection of poems by Kahlil Gibran and Pablo Neruda.

The event also features the multicultural music of Marcelo Puente, Chilean-Canadian musician, singer song-writer, poet and Miguel Vásquez.

Refreshments available.

		"Speak to Us of Love"  Paintings by  Maca Suazo image
		"Speak to Us of Love"  Paintings by  Maca Suazo image



Speak to Us of Love is a line from the first chapter of Kahlil Gibran’s book The Prophet. During the Pandemic, I painted quietly in my studio throughout the lockdowns, wondering at the philosophical quality of Gibran’s words. I selected paragraphs that spoke to me and made paintings as reflections of them. For this Exhibit I have selected five paintings inspired by lines of The Prophet.

Speak to Us of Love also explores poems by Pablo Neruda. Being born and raised in Chile, I am familiar with Pablo Neruda’s Poetry. However, after researching his works at the Kitchener Public Library, I became humbled by the sheer volume of Neruda’s publications. I was also impressed by the constant changes on his poetry. I came across two of Neruda’s posthumous books: The Yellow Heart and The Sea and the Bells. From these two books, I started to paint following my own curiosity. Using my imagination, I try to make paintings of poems that are not necessarily his most famous work but speak to me of Love and all its shapes.

My intention is to invite the viewer to read the poems selected and printed beside each painting, as well as Kahlil Gibran’s philosophical quotes, and interpret the paintings using his or her own imagination and curiosity.


Maca Suazo immigrated to Canada in 1998 from Chile. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo and completed her Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Guelph, focusing her thesis on Latin American Literature. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in the Waterloo Region, at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, in Chile, and Ireland. Her work is sold at Canvas Gallery Toronto and at her Studio at Goble Studios in Kitchener, Ontario.

Her work reflects on the relationship between Painting and Literature. She is an enthusiastic reader and devotes her summers to organic farming where she finds inspiration in Nature.

		"Speak to Us of Love"  Paintings by  Maca Suazo image

Marcelo Puente

Marcelo Puente is a Chilean-Canadian musician, singer song-writer and poet.

He arrived in Canada in 1974 and has dedicated his life to write and play his music combined with the music of Latin America.

His songs have been part of our lives for many years and some of his songs have been translated into English, French, Italian and Greek and are kept in the Canadian National Archive of Immigrant songs.

As well as his work as a soloist, Marcell is Founder Member of the groups Lallantú (1975) Compañeros (1977) and Andén Sur (1990).

He has performed in Canada, United States, México, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba, Perú, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile and most of the Folk Festivals across Canada with the Group Compañeros. This group of Chileans, Greeks and sometimes French and English-Canadians, is considered the first multicultural music group and is part of Canadian music for its involvement with other cultures.

Nominated to the Dora Moore Award, recipient of the SOMOS Award and the Porcupine Award. He has six recordings plus collaborations with other musicians and is part of an Anthology of Latin American Poets in Canada, Co-author of Chileans in Toronto (musicians). He has written music for documentaries, animations, children stories, Theatre Plays.

		"Speak to Us of Love"  Paintings by  Maca Suazo image

Miguel Vásquez

Miguel has been highlighted in a chapter of the book "Against oblivion" Memorias de la Música Chilena, by the well-known musician Nano Acevedo, where Miguel's musical activities are mentioned, such as having integrated the Peña de los Parra Workshop in 1971; The Quilapayún Workshop in 1972; the Yaguarkolla group from 1975 – 78 and Nazka from 79 to 83 before traveling to Canada.

Miguel has co-produced several recordings and appearances on radio, TV and movies. Some of the groups in which he has participated are: Nazka, Sumalao, Maderaz, Cha-locos, Bongo Gipsy, O's Clan and recently Sikuris St. Lawrence. Other participations are: The Orpheus Choir, The Nathaniel Dett Chorale, Univox Choir, The Coba Dancers, Jack Grunsky, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble, María Serrano Flamenco Dance Company, Ayekán Ensemble, Marcelo Puente and Cassava Latin Music.

Miguel toured schools in Ontario, with Nazka and mainly Maderaz, promoting music as an integral part of education from 1994 to 2014.

Its main instruments are: quena or kena, zampoña or sikus, Peruvian cajon and many other string and percussion instruments. Miguel has been hired as a multi-instrumentalist musician in different countries: Canada, United States, Chile and Asia


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		"Speak to Us of Love"  Paintings by  Maca Suazo image

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