Pin & Jab and the Monster, a puppet show

August 13, 2022

Pin & Jab and the Monster that Totally, Really (Maybe) Does Exist, is fun puppet show for the young, created by Arlene Thomas and Nike Abbott of Puppets & Shadows Theatre.

One night, while they are sound asleep, Pin and Jab are rudely awakened by a loud growl from under the bed, that shakes them to their core. Pin knows monsters don’t exist, but there is definitely something under the bed, and Jab is determined to prove it really is a monster.

Following the performance, children are welcome to explore the puppet theatre.

Ages: 5+ (Children under 5 are welcome at no charge and no ticket required)

Tickets: $10 per child, $15 per adult.

A bit about Puppets & Shadows Theatre

We’re the kids who hid in the library and read books during recess. We’re the ones who looked for the secret passages in our houses and who knew that the best stories happened in the shadowy places, the forgotten places, the basements and the attics where dust gathered.

We found those places on rainy days when we wanted to escape into our imaginations. We still gather in those places to tell stories only now we find them in Museums, libraries, and theatres.

Puppets & Shadows Theatre presents puppets shows for young audiences and adults who still like to escape into their imagination.

Puppets & Shadows Theatre's website is

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