Song of the Harvest Moon unveiled October 1st

September 26, 2022

On Saturday October 1st at 2 pm, Neruda Arts will be celebrating the unveiling of their newest Mural, Song of the Harvest Moon.

This mural commemorates 22 years of bringing diverse music, and art, celebrating multiculturalism in the Waterloo Region. All of us at Neruda Arts would love to see you there to share this special time with us. The mural will be installed on the side of the Old Factory, beside the St Jacobs library - 29 Queensway Dr. St. Jacobs.

Celebration and Community. Love and Nature.

This mural is titled "Song of the Harvest Moon". It is a call for happiness and abundance, but also an acknowledgement of cultural diversity. The Moon that shines its light on us, that lights our darkest nights, also guides us and gives a way to measure time. Time is circular. Cyclical. Time is Lunar. Time is felt in nature, and when we experience its passage through our lives it becomes memory. We attempt to measure time with clocks – but can we? Do we really understand time? Time gives us our own tiny place in infinity.

The silhouette of a guitar and the various symbols in the mural, are references to human culture in its many distinct and beautiful variations. We reach out to touch the divine, we give meaning to the vast universe, trying to touch infinity like the hand at the bottom of the mural. The hand of fortune in this mural shows us strength, community, creativity and adaptability; but above all Love. Love is the bottom line of our existence, it is how we thrive, what makes us so unique. We need to love, to be loved. Love is what brought Isabel to Canada thirty years ago, love is the foundation of Neruda Arts, and it is love that has made this mural possible.
Artist: Ian Pierce (Ekeko)

Assistant Artist: Giuliano Da Lorenzo Pino

Designed by Chilean muralist and artist, Ekeko, the mural has taken shape with the help of volunteers eager to be a part of this beautiful creation.

In just a few days, the mural is coming to life.

We are so very grateful for the support of Heritage Canada who made it possible to bring this mural to the Village of St Jacobs and our entire community.
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