Soul Turks

March 23, 2022

About this event

The Soul Turks duo comprises Gunhan on violin and Juneyt on guitar. Both Gunhan and Juneyt are originally from Turkey. Soul Turks performs Nuevo Flamenco music with Turkish influences, creating unique microtonal melodies.

This is the first in Neruda Arts 2022 Studio Music Sessions at our new location in St Jacobs.

Neruda Music Sessions – where passion ignites and traditions converge with current and experimental sounds. In our new space, surrounded by the charming beauty of St Jacobs, we invite you to Neruda Music Sessions.

Each session will embody music from the musician's ethnic roots, celebrating what makes Canada's mosaic of culture so beautiful. These sessions are small and intimate, with only 40 people per session - an excellent opportunity to experience the music in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and safe space. It will be like visiting a different, interesting country every month. It will be amazing!

Neruda Studio LocationOur address is 8 Spring Street, but our entrance is located at the back of the building and is most easily accessed from the parking lot located off Albert Street, between the St Jacobs Playhouse Theatre and Hamel Brooms. Please note that parking is not permitted behind the St James Evangelical Lutheran Church.

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