The Condor & The Eagle

June 1, 2022

For the third time, Neruda Arts brings their Indigenous project, The Condor and the Eagle to the Region of Waterloo.

The first event in this on-going series was in 2012, with The Condor and the Eagle, a mural located on Hall's Lane. The Alapinta Artists from the Patagonia, met with local Indigenous and Six Nations communities to create and design the narrative of the prophecy.

This mural was coated as a tributo tn the Manucho and Civ Nation's Donnlos tha
original caretakers of the land and has been a focus of Downtown Kitchener since 2014.

In 2017, Beatriz Pichi Malen and Cara Loft came together to perform and inspire us with their stories of their cultural traditions, their music, their communities and a conversation on how art has helped shape their lives.

2022 is here. Neruda Arts is hosting a conversation between two indigenous nations. Come and experience the wisdom of Joel Maripil and Bonnie Whitlow who will share the music and storytelling of their cultures, as well as a conversation regarding climate change and environmental resistance and awareness.

Kawennakon Bonnie Whitlow
Kawennakon Bonnie Whitlow, Mohawk Nation
Joel Maripil, Mapuche Nation
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