Yuri Y Jorge Studio Music Session

April 4, 2022

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With an extensive repertoire spanning popular Latin-Jazz, Salsa, and World music, the Jorge and Yuri Duo offers an intimate experience varying in styles and tastes but always remaining true to their predominant guitar voicing and stylish vocals.

The Duo was awarded The Spanish Heritage award by the City of Toronto, and has appeared on CBC radio, City TV's Breakfast Television, and GlobalTV.

Yuri Lopez

Born in Venezuela, and a descendent of a Colombian father, Yuri started playing cuatro (a four string instrument) at the age of 9. She participated in many festivals and concerts, captivating audiences with her amazing talent. By the age of 19 she was playing professionally with several groups in Venezuela. She was then hired to play in the USA and lived in New York City for 13 years, as a part of many Latin bands.

In 2007, she came to Canada and formed the Lopez duo with guitarist Jorge Lopez. They have performed at many venues including the Gardiner Museum, Harbourfront Centre, the Bata Shoe Museum and multiple festivals and corporate events. Together they represent the music and folklore of Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and México.

Jorge Lopez

A proud son of Mexico City, Jorge has spent his life studying and mastering the guitar. He inherited his love of the classical guitar from his father Gustavo Lopez, who was a student and assistant of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Andres Segovia. Jorge prides himself on his clean and crisp style of articulation on the guitar. He has a knack for juggling bass and melodic parts simultaneously in ways that succeed in creating the illusion of more than one player. Moreover, there is so much depth to his phrasing, rubato, and dynamics, that one gets the sense that this music could be physically touched and the fingers could glide along its contours.

Neruda Arts 2022 Studio Music Sessions

This mini-concert is one of our Neruda Arts 2022 Studio Music Sessions at our new location in St Jacobs.

Neruda Music Sessions – where passion ignites and traditions converge with current and experimental sounds. In our new space, surrounded by the charming beauty of St Jacobs, we invite you to Neruda Music Sessions.

Each session will embody music from the musician's ethnic roots, celebrating what makes Canada's mosaic of culture so beautiful. These sessions are small and intimate, with only 40 people per session - an excellent opportunity to experience the music in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and safe space. It will be like visiting a different, interesting country every month. It will be amazing!

Neruda Studio Location

Our address is 8 Spring Street, but our entrance is located at the back of the building and is most easily accessed from the parking lot located off Albert Street, between the St Jacobs Playhouse Theatre and Hamel Brooms. Please note that parking is not permitted behind the St James Evangelical Lutheran Church.

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